Hand made from seasoned oak in a traditional Cognac cooperage, Giraud offers you a dynamic range of 5 world-class oak barrels including our new Beaudoin 1892 barrel.  NAO's range reflects the current trend in wine and spirit making, for using a more diverse origin of oak for barrels, with selections from France the Carpathians and Caucasian mountains and the USA.  We hand select our wood and carefully control every aspect of the cutting, ageing and barrel making process. NAO takes extra time on quality control at each stage, from the lumber yard to wrapping for transportation. If only the very best will do, a Giraud barrel with its distinctive salamander brand mark, is the discerning choice. Scroll down to see the whole range.

Giraud 'Salamander'

These are our 'standard' barrels and can be ordered in differing sizes and shapes.  They are hand-made from our own seasoned stock of staves and are very high quality. Every stage of production is quality checked to make sure we create a superlative barrel.  We have 2 different wood-mix profiles; VS and XOV.

Very Special Blend. We use a mix of wood selected from our very best forests to give a consistency and complexity of taste.

Extra Old Vintage.  We use carefully selected wood that has been seasoned for a further 12 months (in addition to the standard ageing time) to give a fantastic but subtle taste profile.


Giraud 'Black Head®'

The oak barrel has changed very little in the last 2000 years. That is until Giraud invented the revolutionary Black Head® Barrel.  Giraud's secret formula is an advanced heat treatment process for the barrel head-sets.  The treated wood is darkened all the way through and gains an intense aroma.  This creates a unique and complex flavor profile, quite different from a regular barrel. 

The Black Head® breakthrough gives another dimension to the oak maturation of wines and spirits.  Imagine the edge Black Head® could give your product.  Customize your  barrels further by adding VS or XOV wood mixes to your Black Head® barrels, or for something extra special, combine with our Origin range of single forest barrels.
Black Head® is a Regestered Trade Mark of NAO Giraud (world wide patentet protected)

Giraud 'Origin'

Giraud Origin offers the ultimate customizations by allowing you to select wood from a single forest of origin. By being so specific, you can create a unique product using our superb barrels. We source our own oak trunks and track them in our storage park so we always know their origin. 


We also use an independent

verification company to confirm the

authenticity of the wood and forest origin! 

Make something truly unique with

our 'Origin' barrels.  Ask us for details of

wood origin in stock.

Giraud 'Carpathian'

Giraud 'Carpathian' barrels are made from carefully selected forest oak from the foothills of the Carpathian mountains. The wood is seasoned in our own storage parks and crafted into hand-made artisan barrels of exceptional quality. A stock of M+ (medium toast) is always ready for shipping and bespoke toasting profiles are available from light to heavy. 


Carpathian oak gives a

superior oak structure to

wines and spirits, with

excellent mouth feel and

an aromatic flavour profile. 

This is a top quality barrel

matched with a very

competitive price. 

Giraud 'Caucasian'

Giraud 'Caucasian' barrels are made from forest oak from the northern slopes of the Caucasian mountains.  This oak is seasoned in our own storage parks and crafted into hand-made artisan barrels of exceptional quality. A stock of M+ (medium toast) is always ready for shipping and bespoke toasting profiles are available from light to heavy. 


Caucasian oak gives moderate

soft tannin and aroma impact

and is ideal for fresh fruity and

mineral profiles in wines and

spirits. This is another top quality

Giraud barrel at a competitive price.

Beaudoin 1892

Beaudoin 1892 offers a very limited production of hand-crafted, custom made, super fine grain oak barrels. The wood is seasoned in our storage parks the same as our other barrels. BUT.... for these barrels the staves are re-stacked every year to subtle the tannins and bring out a more complex maturation profile for the finished barrel. Hand branded with our Beaudoin 1892 mark you can be assured of a high quality and very special barrel.

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